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Avuncular DNA Testing

Avuncular DNA Test: The Best Across the United States.

The avuncular DNA test has become more common as a way to establish paternity when the father is not able or unwilling to be tested. This type of genetic testing can also determine if any uncles are, in fact, related by blood and not just family friends.


Just like with DNA, family trees are complex. To better understand the relationship between a child and their uncle or aunt, an avuncular DNA test can be administered to determine if the paternal genes match up. If they do, it’s confirmed that there is some sort of kinship going on.


If you need to determine paternity, a child can be tested against one or more of the possible fathers’ siblings. The mother should also participate in order to produce conclusive results as quickly as possible and so that it is not necessary for her male relatives (like an uncle) who may have limited DNA available from testing their own children.


We specialize in determining the best DNA-testing option for your unique situation. For example, if you’re looking to test a deceased person’s remains or paternity of a child born out of wedlock, our specialists may recommend an avuncular DNA test that could provide reliable answers and help bring closure to uncertain situations.


Reasons why you should get an Avuncular DNA Test


The Avuncular DNA Test from Test Mark DNA provides results that are 95% accurate. You can use the test for any of these reasons: confirmation about who’s related, determining medical history and predisposition diseases, social security benefits or inheritance claims, immigration cases, insurance claim detection frauds. We provide results that are completely confidential, so your private genetic information stays safe.


Avuncular Test


A new type of DNA test, the avuncular test, is an important weapon in identifying a child’s father. Unlike paternity tests that compare genes from only two family members (the alleged father and mother), this newer technique looks at genetic markers inherited by siblings as well. This way, it can eliminate all maternal inheritance that may have been missed or misinterpreted through other means like paternity testing alone – making for more reliable results.


The vascular test is a simple cheek swab that will then be sent to our lab for testing. If the results reveal an “0,” this means there is no biological relationship between the child and the other person. If it reads 1.00 or higher, this shows that there are more likely to be biologically related with how high on scales they are related to relatives; if you want your family tree traced back as far as possible so we can help find out who your true ancestor was.


If you’re curious about avuncular testing, don’t hesitate to call our caring team of professionals today. With an avuncular DNA test, if the alleged father isn’t available or simply uncooperative, then contact us and get started with a genetic examination that can lead to conclusive results.


Aunt Uncle DNA Testing


A relative is a person who shares at least one of the parent’s genes. Some people may be more closely related than others, and this genetic similarity can determine whether they are able to have children together or not. Aunts/uncles (avuncular) DNA testing may be used if the alleged father is unavailable for testing; however, even an aunt/uncle could potentially pose risks through pregnancy because they might still carry some recessive traits that would pass on to their child. The alleged father’s brother or sister should bring in his sibling so he can undergo paternity tests with the suspect baby–if there turns out to be a biological relationship between them, then it will show up during these blood-typing procedures.


Our Aunt/Uncle DNA testing service is the most accurate. We track down all of our family’s history and help them find their long-lost relatives!


We will take you back in time to see who your ancestors were and how they lived! Our aunt or uncle DNA test can tell you more about yourself than anyone else knows.


Aunt/Uncle DNA testing service is a huge help because it can determine if someone truly has your blood running through their veins.


Our aunt and uncle’s genetic makeup means the world to us – we want them in our lives as much as possible, but sometimes they take off when things get tough. We offer you an easy way out! Our services will tell you whether or not that interfering family member really does have your own precious genes flowing through his or her body, so give us a call today for more info on how best to serve all of those involved with this deeply personal question.


When to use Aunt/Uncle DNA Test


A legal aunt/uncle test is used to determine relationships between an alleged father and his potential niece or nephew. When the father, himself, cannot be found because he’s missing or deceased, a buccal swab can still be taken from full siblings of the male in question- such as brothers and sisters. These tests are more common even than paternity testing when it comes to establishing familial ties with someone else who may not have been available beforehand…


Why choose Test Mark DNA for your Avuncular DNA Testing?


Test Mark DNA is the premier choice for your Avuncular DNA Testing. Our services are cost-effective and will allow you to find out whether or not a child in your family is actually biologically related to them.


The Test Mark DNA team is committed to ensuring that your avuncular DNA testing experience with us surpasses or meets all of your expectations. For this reason, we are an AABB accredited laboratory that provides results in about 5 business days after every sample arrives at the lab, and our PhD-reviewed experts will ensure accuracy for you during every step of the way. We also make sure to keep you updated throughout the process so that there’s never a time where you feel left out.

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