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TestMark DNA is committed to accuracy and efficiency in the field of genetic testing. We are experts in sample collection, process handling, reporting – you name it. Our nationwide labs will have a report waiting for you within five days or less after we get your results back from our trained professionals.


We value your privacy and security, so you can be assured that any information will not be shared. Our teams are always happy to answer questions about our services or offer advice on how we might customize a test for the unique needs of your family.


TestMark DNA’s customer service team is here to answer all of your questions. Whether ycan provide help with anything from picking out an appropriate kit type to understanding how we collect samples safely at home so that no outside contact is needed.ou need assistance in choosing a test or just have a question about the results, our account specialists are ready and capable of answering any inquiry.


TestMark offers comprehensive DNA testing kits for individuals who want peace of mind while exploring their family history and genetic lineage. Our highly experienced experts


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If you need a DNA test, call TestMark! With locations all over the country and technicians to answer any question, getting your collection done is easier than ever.

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