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Forensic Testing

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Forensic DNA is used in a variety of contexts, such as solving crimes and inheriting property. Using DNA to determine a criminal’s guilt is one of the most common uses for forensic DNA testing, but it also holds great potential in resolving inheritance disputes and relationships between individuals.


Our mobile DNA-testing service can benefit law enforcement agencies, lawyers, and others who work in the judicial system.


We are highly skilled in this type of DNA collection, and we use state-of-the-art technology. The lab we work with has been accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks or AABB. We’re proud to offer our valued clients with expert assistance.


At TestMark DNA, we provide a variety of forensic DNA Testing services that encompass short tandem repeats (STRs), Y-STR, and Forensic Paternity Testing.


Forensic DNA testing is a complex field, but our team of experts can help you. Call us today to speak with one of the leading forensic scientists in the country.


Short Tandem Repeats (STRs)


Our genetic code includes many repeated sequences, all of the varying lengths. These short repeats are especially beneficial for identification; people inherit one copy of STRs from each parent but don’t need to match up in terms of how long they repeat.


STRs are incredibly helpful in forensic DNA testing because they’re personalized to individuals. STRs can be used to identify victims, perpetrators, and even missing persons.


TestMark DNA Labs offers forensic genetic testing services through STRs or short tandem repeats. We use these techniques to analyze human DNA samples at the genomic level for identification purposes.


Genetic testing is often used in the criminal justice system. For example, at TestMark DNA labs, through our forensic DNA testing service, we use STRs to analyze DNA samples and determine if they are a match for someone who has been accused of committing an act that conflicts with their genetic code.




Y-STRs are useful when investigating sexual assault evidence. They can only be found in males and appear on the Y chromosome, which is passed from father to son; this makes them ideal for distinguishing between different biological fathers of a child because they will all share one haplotype (pattern), but each individual’s pattern will vary slightly due to mutations that occur during replication.


The DNA of the victim may include this unique component, which will make it easily detectable because only females lack this. The amplification process for Y-STRs is also helpful in cases with more than one perpetrator when they have similar profiles to each other and their victims.


At TestMark Forensic Laboratories, we are committed to offering comprehensive solutions for each client’s specific needs utilizing only the most advanced technologies available on today’s market so that they can be confident knowing their case will always receive diligent attention from the start until finish. As part of this effort, one important tool is InnoGenomics’ next-generation sequencing method which analyzes Y chromosome short tandem repeats(Y-STR).


Forensic Paternity


Forensic paternity tests are used to identify missing persons or criminals. These types of DNA tests can be used after rape, incest, and other crimes where the perpetrator is unknown because it helps reveal family members who could help solve these cases.


TestMark DNA labs provide forensic DNA testing services through Forensic Partenity, a service that analyzes your samples to look for specific genetic markers.


Mini-STR Testing


At the scene, DNA evidence is either minimal or has been degraded. However, a relatively new technology called Mini-STR testing allows for smaller samples to be magnified so that they can be utilized in cases where DNA would otherwise go unnoticed. This innovative technique may allow cold cases to finally have closure after being unsolved for years through its ability to pick up on minute traces of DNA and expose them when larger tests might fail us completely.


Why Choose TestMark DNA for your Forensic DNA Testing


TestMark DNA provides forensic DNA testing to ensure accurate results. With PhD-reviewed, timely results and expert team support, you are always kept in the loop during every step of your case.


TestmarkDNA is a highly recommended laboratory for comprehensive forensic analysis with fast turnaround times that will meet even the most demanding deadlines while keeping all parties informed along each step of the way, thanks to an experienced staff who not only has lab expertise but also serves as excellent communicators from start to finish.

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