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Home DNA Kit

Experience the Accuracy of Our At-home DNA testing Kit

Home DNA testing kits are very popular these days. They make it possible to find out a lot of interesting information about your ancestors and yourself that you wouldn’t usually be able to get access to without seeing an expert or going through medical records with long waiting periods for results.


Home DNA testing kits are becoming more common as people realize the ease at which they can learn so much about their family history, ancestry background, health factors like genetic diseases, etc., by using this new technology in a simple way from home itself!


TestMark DNA wants to make the convenience of having your DNA tested at home possible. We are offering Home DNA Kits that you can collect and ship back yourself, along with all necessary tools for this process. Nevertheless, it is significant to note that in courts, these tests have not been deemed admissible yet, so they should only be used as guidance or a supplement but never conclusive evidence.


Once your Home DNA Kit arrives, you’ll be able to follow the instructions and collect a saliva sample using the enclosed swab. There will also be an envelope included in your kit, which can then allow for the mailing of samples to our lab at TestMarkDNA. We are accredited with AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), so rest easy knowing that all tests are conducted under legitimate conditions. Just remember that these home-based kits aren’t admissible as evidence during court proceedings.


Non-Court Admissible


Although DNA home testing kits are a common purchase, they may not be as reliable and regulated as legal tests. You should beware of online companies that appear legitimate but outsource their processing outside the U.S. or ship your samples to an unregulated lab for lower costs without your knowledge. To avoid dealing with issues in court later on, always schedule regular DNA tests when applicable, so you have proof available at all times. All of our tests are sent to the TestMark DNA, which is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks or AABB.


Non-Court Admissible Steps


There are many ways to get a Home DNA Kit. You can give us a call and speak with one of our experts who will explain the process from start to finish, or you may order online if that’s more convenient for you. Your Home DNA Kit will arrive in the mail. Once you get it, follow along with the enclosed instructions and spit into a tube to place your saliva sample inside of it for safe-keeping until next week, when we can process everything. Put that envelope you’ll receive home safely too, so all is not lost.


You’ll get an email with a breakdown of your DNA results so you can see what genes makeup who and where you are.


Home Paternity Testing


The Home Paternity Test Kit is great for those who are not concerned with the results being used in a court of law. Once you receive your kit, swab all participants at home and send off samples to our lab.


If you are not sure if a home paternity test is right for you, then it probably isn’t. However, this might be the case especially if 1) You don’t anticipate needing results for legal reasons; 2) Home kits contain all materials needed plus trackable postage-paid mailer and 3) Swab participants in your own comfort of home before sealing sample envelopes to send them off to our lab.


After the at-home paternity test was taken, results are typically posted to your secure online account within 1–3 business days. This is an easy and fast way of finding out if you share genes with someone else! TestMark DNA performs thousands of these tests each year, so you can be sure that they’re accurate when testing samples we’ve been provided. These tests have also proven to be fast, safe, and reliable for those who take them.


Getting this DNA test is easy, and it only takes 2 minutes to swab inside your cheek with the included brush. Just place them in the prepaid envelope sent by mail or courier service. Once you send back your samples, they will be processed carefully and then reviewed twice before you get results that are backed up by PhDs on our team.


A home paternity DNA test cannot be used as legal proof, such as for child support or custody. This is because DNA collection does not follow the chain of custody protocol; it’s possible to submit the wrong samples, and identities are not verified independently. Rest assured, your results will still tell you if the tested party is a biological parent: they just won’t have any bearing on law enforcement matters at this time due to limitations in testing technology.


Our Home Paternity Testing Service


TestMark DNA offers the best home paternity testing service in the region. The process is easy and convenient: send in saliva samples, get results back within 2-5 business days with 99% accuracy.


There are many benefits to home testing, including privacy & convenience; one can avoid exposing the family or child’s identity as well as save time traveling for appointments which may not be ideal if it means missing work hours/days. Additionally, some people experience stress over having their mouths swabbed by someone else, so this provides them with an alternative option that will allow them full control of who interacts with their mouth at such sensitive times – especially important when you consider all children under 18 must have written consent from both parents before being tested.


Why You Should Hire TestMark DNA  for your home DNA Testing


DNA paternity testing is simple, easy to use, and accurate. We guarantee this service will provide you with definitive answers about a child’s father.


You should hire us for your home DNA Testing because our laboratory technicians carefully handle and prepare your samples for processing. Every test run by two separate teams using cheek-swab samples is conducted twice; the results are then reviewed by PhD team members before producing an official report that has been 100% accurate in previous cases. If there’s any further information needed about this process, feel free to contact one of our lab representatives today – we’re here to help 24/7, so don’t hesitate if you have questions or concerns related to providing conclusive evidence on who fathered a specific individual.

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