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Immigration DNA Testing

Accredited and Most Trusted Immigration DNA Testing

Immigration DNA testing is an often overlooked method of screening immigrants who are seeking to come into this country. DNA testing has been used for decades now in the criminal justice system as a way to identify and convict criminals, but more recently, immigration officials have begun using it too. In order to be granted entry, applicants must get their whole genome sequenced so that any irregularities can be detected before they enter our borders. The United States government only grants visas one time per person which means if someone enters with falsified documents or illegally obtained documentation, then we know right away because individuals cannot use fake family members’ information anymore.


Immigration DNA testing is a process that helps immigrants find out if they’re eligible for citizenship and in what ways. It’s often used to establish familial relationships, which are necessary for naturalization purposes or visa application approvals.


Test Mark DNA is accredited by the AABB, a rigorous accreditation that ensures your immigration DNA tests are accurate in as little as about 2 days. We process thousands of these quality checks each year and have results ready for you just seconds after cutting-edge technology processes samples at our lab.


Immigration DNA Testing Services


Once families immigrate to the United States, they are required by authorities to produce documentation that proves their relation. These documents may not be sufficient for immigration officials if there is any question, as these records can often be inconclusive. In these cases, DNA testing might need to take place in order to ensure the family’s eligibility for legal citizenship and bring them together with relatives across borders.


Every immigrant is subject to a stringent DNA test. If the petitioner doesn’t have adequate documentation or information, they will be asked for this type of testing at their own expense. As well as applicants with uncertain lineage, petitioners who are applying on behalf of other members in petitions such as marriage and family reunification may also need to undergo immigration DNA testing depending on what category it falls under from USCIS guidelines.


Immigration DNA testing is a common form of evidence used to prove biological relationships. Test Mark DNA has been providing this service for many years, and we have the most AABB-accredited facilities across the U.S. capable of processing immigration cases. They provide full services from your first phone call, fast results, coordination with medical professionals for collection sites, plus so much more.


Sometimes it’s hard to know who you are. Your family may not have the full story, and maybe even a DNA test can’t help. In this case, we recommend taking our immigration DNA testing service for your peace of mind.


Our immigration DNA test is the best way to bring a family together. We can help reunite those who are families in need of separation and strengthen our country through this genetic analysis process. To find out more about how Test Mark DNA can aid you through your legalization process, contact us today.


Paternity Testing services for Immigration Testing


Is it time to know who fathered your child? If you’re considering immigration, we offer paternity testing services.


Paternity tests can help clarify the lineage of children. Immigration is a big part of life for many people around the world, and with this comes many issues that need clarification. Helping families get past these barriers may be as easy as getting more information about their family’s history from our team here at Test Mark DNA.


DNA testing is a way to find out if someone really belongs in your family. We can test for paternity and immigration, as well as other types of relationships like grandparents or siblings. If you’re having trouble figuring out who’s related to whom, we’ll be happy to help.


Our paternity testing services will help you obtain the immigration papers your family needs to enter or remain in America legally.


The U.S. legal process can be confusing and difficult, but our professionals have years of experience guiding clients through their journey with ease. With a DNA test from us, we’ll show that fatherhood is only one letter away — A-P-O-T-[pause].


How to Get Started


Our case specialists are always available to help you with any questions or concerns. They listen carefully and work hard every step of the way so that your DNA test will be quick, easy, and accurate.


The Steps


First, you receive a request from USCIS that requires DNA evidence to prove your relationship. You open the letter and find out you need to provide proof of your family’s relationship with their biological child as well as other relatives before they can approve the visa for them.


Then, you can contact Test Mark DNA by telephone to initiate a DNA test and provide your contact information.


Finally, send/fax an official request for testing along with USCIS or other paperwork requesting it.


Your privacy is protected as this entire process remains completely confidential so that only those involved gain access to any of their private genetic data.


Immigration DNA Testing’s AABB Process


Test Mark DNA schedules the petitioner’s DNA-collection appointment in the USA.


Petitioner’s sample is collected. Test Mark then ships a kit to be used by embassy personnel, who collect and send back beneficiary samples for testing within one day of collection at no cost! Once testing is complete, results are sent with a chain of custody documentation, which can legally defend any additional immigration proceedings that may arise from test refusal or fraud accusations associated with this process.


One of the most important things to know about immigration DNA tests is how quickly they can be completed. For example, a saliva-based test takes as little as 2 days, and an oral fluid based one only needs 4 hours!


The time for completing your family’s Immigration DNA Test will vary depending on which type you choose. A saliva-based test might take less than two working days, while other options like blood or hair samples may need more time–usually between 1 week and 3 months.


Why Choose Us for USA Immigration DNA Testing?


Test Mark DNA is one of the most trusted, AABB accredited immigration testing laboratories in the U.S. With USCIS recommendations and thousands of families served, Test Mark will provide you with a trustworthy service at an affordable price that’s right for your family too.

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