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Relationship Testing

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Relationship testing is a way to confirm biological relationships between two people. If you’re wondering if the person being tested has any genetic relation, call us for a free consultation, and we can help with family connection analysis.


If you’re looking for a DNA test to determine if your twins are identical or fraternal, we can help. Or maybe it’s time to find out whether that child is actually related to you by blood. Whatever the case might be, contact us and let our experts take care of all relationship DNA tests with ease.


TestMark DNA specializes in relationship testing. Our services include Avuncular Testing, Grandparentage, sibling testing, and twin testing, which are offered at affordable prices for the general public.


Our focus is on providing accurate results that meet your needs with competitive pricing options to suit all budgets. We provide a variety of tests, including avuncular relationships, grandparent age relations, siblings & twins. With many years of experience working within the legal industry, we understand how important it is to have nothing less than conclusive evidence when dealing with matters like custody battles or other family-related issues where an individual’s reputation can be put into question based solely on their genetic predisposition towards certain traits such as alcoholism or even serious illnesses.


Avuncular Testing


The DNA test determines whether or not someone is an aunt/uncle to a child. If you need to find out if someone is the biological parent of your child, this can be done using DNA testing. When paternity questions come up between family members, it’s helpful when there are multiple people who have already provided their genetic information for comparison purposes in order to speed along analysis and produce more conclusive results. Not only do both parents provide blood samples, but so do any possible siblings the mother may have, which expedites things greatly because then they’re all on record.


Contact our highly qualified experts today for a free consultation on whether your test results could be used in court if you choose to do legal testing. Results are posted online five business days after the samples arrive at the lab and can only be viewed by yourself or with the consent of others involved.


TestMark DNA experts can help you find the best kind of avuncular test for your unique circumstances.


Why Should You Get an Avuncular DNA Test


An Avuncular DNA Test might help you figure out the truth about your biological relatives. You can confirm that someone is actually related to you by their genes, find medical history in your family tree, get Social Security benefits or insurance claims approved for yourself and others around you who are completely unrelated but may act like they’re blood-related because of how much time together has led them all having similar genetic traits. The results will be absolutely confidential between only those involved with testing–no private information about genetics shared anywhere else ever.


Avuncular DNA Testing Options


Testing options for avuncular DNA testing are quite limited. For example, you can submit legal proof of a biological relationship to court, but this is not always possible depending on the circumstances. However, there is one option that does exist and allows professional collectors at TestMark DNA to coordinate collection near you then send all identification paperwork along with your sample directly back to them, where they test it themselves in their lab before sending results right back out again within just 5 business days.


If you’re looking for avuncular DNA testing results solely to ease your mind and not as legal evidence, TestMark DNA can be tested at home. Unfortunately, these test results are not considered court-admissible.




If a biological father is not available for paternity testing, the child’s grandparents can participate instead. The mother of the child should also have her DNA tested, as this will help expedite analysis and strengthen results if they are necessary for legal purposes. Whether you just want to know out of curiosity or obtain a report that may be important in court cases, we provide accurate answers about whether there is any relationship between two people who share genetic material from one parent each. Contact our lab experts today to get your free consultation. You’ll be able to access the results in just 5 business days, so there’s no need for you to wait.


Why Should You Get a Grandparent DNA Test


You can get a Grandparent DNA Test for many reasons, including to confirm the truth about your biological relationship, ensure you have access to medical history and family health information, secure social security benefits or other inheritance claims. The results are completely confidential, so there is no need to worry that your personal genetic data will be shared with outside parties.


Grandparent DNA Testing Options


To help customers submit their legal test results, TestMark DNA coordinates the collection process at an approved location near you. After sending your sample to our lab with the necessary paperwork for testing, we will use a variety of scientific tests that are recognized in courts across North America to determine if there is or isn’t evidence of genetic ancestry between two individuals beyond a reasonable doubt.


If you need an accurate result for peace of mind and not a court, TestMark DNA has a home testing option. Results are non-court admissible, so they won’t be accepted in legal cases, but this is generally sufficient if all you want to get out is confirmation that your suspicions were right or wrong.


Sibling testing


TestMark DNA’s Sibling Test can help determine if two people share a biological parent or not. Our tests are the most accurate and up-to-date method for determining whether your sibling is from the same father as you.


If there exists a possible relationship between yourself and another person, then it could be beneficial to do an ancestry test in order to confirm this potential cousin connection or just a simple blood brother/sister relation that has been unknown until now. You’ll have your lab report in 5 business days. Every situation is unique, so contact our experts today for a free consultation.


Why Should You Get a Sibling DNA Test


Getting a Sibling DNA Test is an easy way to learn the truth about your relationship with another person. You can confirm that you are related by blood or prove that someone isn’t actually biologically connected to you in any way. A sibling DNA test might be necessary for medical history research and gathering social security benefits; it could also help clear up immigration cases (such as adopted children), claims on inheritance money/assets, insurance policies…the list goes on! All of this data will remain completely confidential between yourself and whomever else you choose to share it with.


Sibling DNA Testing Options


Legal tests for siblings can be sent to court as official proof of a biological relationship. TestMark DNA coordinates testing at an approved location near you, which is then compiled by the professional collector along with all necessary information and paperwork before being shipped off to TestMark DNA for analysis.


If you want to test for peace of mind and not legal reasons, the best option may be to collect your DNA at home and send it in. These tests are private; results aren’t admissible in court cases.


Twin testing


Twins can use a twin zygosity DNA test to understand the relationship between them. This is helpful because 70% of Di/Di twins are fraternal, but they could also be identical. The process will compare their DNA profiles in order to match them and prove that they’re either identical or not—the results show an exact match if it’s indeed true. Twins from any age group may take this assessment as long as both meet all necessary requirements for testing purposes such as having sufficient saliva samples, etc.


Why Should You Get a Twins DNA Test


There are a multitude of reasons one may want to take the test, including confirming whether or not you have an identical twin. If there is any doubt about zygosity due to physical characteristics as they age, this can help put those doubts away for good by providing proof of their genetic relationship. The results are completely confidential, and your private genetic information will never be shared with outside parties.


Twin DNA Testing Options


Legal DNA testing with the witnessed collection is the best option if you want to see each twins’ name on their report. TestMark DNA coordinates sample collection at an approved location near you, and your results are court-admissible.


If you just need to know if your twins are fraternal or identical and aren’t concerned with having the results on official documents that can be used in court cases, TestMark DNA offers a personal test kit for easy collection of your sample, but results will not be court-admissible because they aren’t professional tests performed in proper labs.


Why Choose TestMark DNA for your Relationship Testing?


Choose TestMark DNA for your Relationship Testing because it’s AABB accredited, has PhD-reviewed results that come in 2-5 business days once all samples arrive at the lab. Additionally, we keep you informed every step of the way with our team support.

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